Equity In Vain II

I personally became a follower of Chinua Achebe’s book title “There was a country”. Seeing from the Christian point of view, signs of the end time at hand but to the political conscious mind, it’s “failure” by the government to tackle security and other threatening issues but rather made equity in vain in the country. The good thing in the 1940’s from history was the peace that reigned when the British colonies held the country down and orderliness of running government but by the time we took over, things fell apart.

Choosing to be a Marxist with an anglophile personality gave me a deep sense of belonging to wanting to better my environment. In retrospect, the insurgence of terrorism began long time ago with fights of metasini, sharia which was a cover operation in the north as a religion formation to strengthen Islamic studies within the northern region which usually results to religion, tribal to ethnic crisis but the government handled it so lightly and friendly. As we all know that Boko Haram had been in existence since 2001, if not earlier but their activities were shadow boxed by the northern leaders. Little knowing that they will share in the pain after financing these black minded youths. Boko Haram did not emerge as MEND but rather as an instrument of political disturbance to dissociate the north-west as part of Nigeria, do not forget this is a sovereign nation, breaking off will be paid for and that brought the SOE (State of Emergency).

The Christians had suffered the greater part of the sorrow pill dropped by BH but the presidency only condemns the act with little or no plan of Action to tackle the ugly menace until the northern originated inhabitants became distressed and SOE was pronounced and declared on Tuesday 14th of May, 2013 by President Goodluck Jonathan in 3 states and the military started their assault against the terrorist sect. Results began with immediate effect but this is a democratic nation, in which due process is an aftermath which will send a wrong signal to the international community. The procedural way of declaring a SOE was duly followed by the presidency at the initial stage but what followed. After the declaration, a national gazette should be sent to the National Assembly which should have been published ahead of the pronunciation but due to the circumstance which is clearly stated in the Nigerian Constitution Section 301, Sub-section 1&2. As at then, the SOE could seize to be in effect in accordance to Section 305, sub-section 6, paragraph B but must people cry or lament before the right things are being done.

In another point of view, couldn’t the president achieve his aim without declaring SOE since the political class still remain in office, In fact, laws can be passed by state house of assembly which could contradict the military laws to fight or these politicians could still assist the sect in kind and movement. Let us not forget the senator Ndume case is still at large. Anyway thank God the national assembly has moved a motion stopping the presidency from using the state fund for the SOE. All political offices in states declared SOE should be suspended so as to allow smooth operation as Complication of Contingency is an emergency which suspends all political rights and to avoid a di-arch government so presidency should always follow the provision of the constitution at all time and swiftly so making equity the best practice to declaration of SOE, more so, the National gazette of the SOE should be published at this point for all Nigerians to understand more, without all this, equity will be in vain and vogue. I indulge that we keep Nigeria alive.

Fakorode O Kayode

Equity In Vain I

A recall in scenarios as to what democracy practiced in Nigeria looks like is experienced in some recent uprisings. Denial of freedom to anything which is a fundermental human rights is an autonomous way of accepting the fact of equity in vain. Equity in this present day shouldn’t be in vain but it seems it’s the order of the day which means it is out-rightly destroying the “one Nigeria” mantra. The bizarre government strategy to transform the economy is very in-effective. The Jonathan administration is filled with lot of confusion and the most kind of terrorism ever experienced. In the part two of this article I spoke about security where I made comparison as to critics of why the presidency declare State Of Emergency without following the procedural way, well some say it’s due to the circumstance, what about after declaration. Another point is why allowed the elected or appointed political class remain in office? They should have been suspended too, so as not to cause interference in the military assault against BH.

Nonetheless, this article sits on democracy practised in this part of the world where a governor elected in its forum is denied the opportunity to perform his duties. It is no more a rumour that we have two faction in the NGF (Nigerian Governor’s Forum), the one led by Gov Amaechi and that of Gov Jang. The Director General of NGF announced Gov Amaechi the winner of the NGF election with 19 votes and Jang with16 votes, then why not allow peace to reign and allow democracy to take its course but this is a typical example of evil acts in the ruling party. Furthermore, the winning governor won with the support of opposition party which has great effect for 2015 election and it would be cynical of anyone to tell me that the presidency isn’t aware of the development. Reminding you of the events that occurred, don’t forget that the same Amaechi had issue with the President’s wife sometime during a visit of the President’s wife to Rivers state, last month the Rivers state private jet license was seized and now he had been suspended from PDP, for what? I wasn’t surprise the former minister of works Mr Ogunlewe said he deserved worse for confronting the president publicly and we say we’re in a democratic government but an individual can’t talk. And Jang who went ahead to open an office in Abuja despite being the loser isn’t suspended.

I don’t support either of the contestants but why not allow democracy within a small unit; this is just to say we practise “SHADOW DEMOCRACY”, as pushed by the unjust party. “I know say one day, one day e go better”, and Nigeria will sure be alive.


Fakorode O Kayode

You can be better!

You can never recover from a good start,starting well and early is the thing I just learned because nobody wants to be a failure but very few people feel like they’re a success. What happens to your set goals,aspirations and dreams. Why allow the instability of government,religious up-rise,crime,environmental milieu and family issues to be your determinant factor to being better and successful instead of you to take advantage of the situation.

I was motivated when I heard few of my laborer’s at a project site had decided they’re going back to school,a good step in 2013 while some others are  looking for the dramatic win, the big accomplishment or the crowning victory but real success is created by an accumulation of successful days and getting better daily.

You can be Better TODAY. You can be successful TODAY and also win. Success truly is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. If you do one thing today to make your life—or someone else’s—better, you win. If you do one thing that moves you closer to your stated goals, you win. String these days together and you’re a success and far better than what you are yesterday.

If you have reading or writing goals, do one write-up or read a book within a set time,weeks or months. If you usually do 30pages per/wk, do 31. Skip chatting online or other minor stuffs to achieve just a little further than normal.

For financial goals, set up an automatic payroll deduction to your retirement account or skip the latter and throw N5000 into a savings jar instead. Do something that adds to your income, more so, spend-less to show in club or If you’re a salesperson, make one more call, write one more thank you note. Or make a list of your ten top prospects and stop being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

The aggregate of these small actions produce successful results which makes you a better you. They may not seem spectacular—and they’re not but spectacular accomplishment is always preceded by less than spectacular preparation and not-so-spectacular action.

Consistency is the root for being better,It’s critical to achieving what you truly want. You can’t change yesterday, and you can’t do anything about tomorrow except you do have a better today. And you can win today and when you take these small actions, be sure to feel good about them. Acknowledge and celebrate them. Don’t minimize or invalidate them because how we feel makes a huge difference in our next  actions. Our feelings attract. Feel good and we attract more good actions and more good feelings. Feel bad and we attract similar feelings and actions.

Choose to be a better you today. Do one thing today that makes you a success. Take some small action toward what you truly want today because if you’re getting better so is Nigeria. 

I congratulate your being better and let us Keep Nigeria Alive.

Fakorode O Kayode


As a purposeful person, it’s likely that you want to make the world a better place. And you also likely know that it all starts with you. Your business depends on your ability to transform energy into value which helps make the world a better place.

Now that sounds great, but what isn’t said is that transformation is a continuous, never-ending process of completions in order to have new beginnings. Without completing things (or in the metaphysical sense, the ‘death’ of things), the cycle of life can’t begin (as a new birth, which can mean the next level of life as well as a brand new entity). How you started the year is as a result of your input in the previous year which means preparation or planning as you may call it. The question is “what’s the point of running when you don’t have a direction”. Begin to plan for next year so you can end smiling.

When you unlock your deepest purpose and know why you are living or what you are living for, nothing can stop you from pursuing and living it. Obstacles seem to melt, criticism is irrelevant and you are compelled to move toward living your purpose. Your
life purpose cannot be held back,it’s why you are living and gives meaning and value to what you do. When you know why you’re alive, your life becomes focused and everything gains new clarity.

We are alive by his grace,celebrating in this Christmas season is another opportunity to reflect back and think of a way forward,then start making a plan putting into consideration why you couldn’t meet your target as the year is running out and i believe we can do better in 2013. Together we will KEEP NIGERIA ALIVE.

I want to say a big thank you to all my readers because you’re the family have got,God blessed me with you guys and without you all am nothing. I love you all.


Fakorode O Kayode

Recap of Independence

52nd years of long stay of suffering, how many more years do we have to endure with increased unemployment, poverty, corruption, crime, untimely death, Instability of power, in-sensibility of government, bad leaders and many more ugly menace that’s sinking this nation day-in day-out.

We have prayed, fasted, fought, cried and even pleaded but to no avail: All hopes are shattered, even our faith to regain the sovereignty given to us by God is shredded and shrouded. “Omase oh!” It’s a pity to our leaders who makes our great nation belittled and crouching at the front of other nations. For how long do we have to criticize but we will not relent until revolution occurs. After World war I and II, American was enjoying post war era, while the Asia was building on new things and now they are reaping their goodies but Africans were waiting to depend on others. We need to develop the talents within to reduce the rate of migration of youths to a greener pasture

Optimism should be our only watch word,learn more, acquire skills with adequate knowledge, brace up and don’t be deterred by the issues around. You must create your own vision to birth purpose for this nation in order to complete the mission of our noble existence, then we will see changes and force the wicked leaders out of power.

In all submission, what have you contributed to the growth and development of your environment? What wrong have you corrected within yourself? What will you do differently if given the barton of leadership? Or all you have done is to abuse and clamor for change, if it is, then you must make a radical turn and move to regain self freedom before national freedom. To keeping Nigeria Alive and sustenance of African legacy, You must think right,Do things right and Do the right things.


Fakorode O Kayode

2013 Budget Benchmark Saga

Nigeria is a beautiful country,in 2014 we will be celebrating 100yrs of amalgamation which we got in 1914. We’re growing gradually,oh! My country with land of milk and honey unused to the benefits of her people, how I wish it’s better than where we are at the moment.

The figures and analysis of the world bank on crude oil seems to justify the benchmark of the National Assembly. The executives are here at it again with their missionary approach in which it’s combining Politics,Economics and Legal or Constitutional aggravating battle bringing about conflicts of interest.

Why do we have to pick a benchmark below as in the case of the executive and a benchmark above as in the case of the national assembly. This brouhaha of budget is now a game by the executive to seek for money usage from the excess crude oil account or other illegal accounts opened by the Federal government as pronounced illegal by the federal high court in 2002.

Now this is the game in play,a lower benchmark will not likely to work due to fluctuation as said by IMF but at the end of the day when the finances to run capital expenditure or re-occurrent expenditure as it may be,will be needed,the executive will now have the direct access to withdraw from this accounts not prescribed by national assembly. National assembly is now saying,good for early budgeting but $75/barrel will be good for us to use,so we can monitor the disbursement of this money rather than $80/barrel which might be excess. A lot of scholars with different opinions but do we realize that after the US elections,the price of crude-oil will drop following the trend of previous elections.

we don’t have control over the illegal accounts or excess crude-oil account,so how do we monitor the spending of the account withdrawals all in the name of unrealistic national development at long run-says the National assembly. Thank God a benchmark of $75/barrel was adopted and the budget was presented by the President G Jonathan and it was accepted by the National Assembly.

SAY NO TO CORRUPTION,so as to Keep Nigeria Alive

Survival of the Unfittest

Individuality growth has constituted the dominance of our African periscope, especially-Nigeria which is the most populous black country in the whole world, blessed with fertile lands for agriculture, deposited with natural resources, enriched with human resources that posses high level of untapped intellectual property. The proud green, white and green country has turned into shambles of hustling and bustling for survival 

Though a lot of her citizens do not even know what they’re doing again or where they’re going but for me as a person, i would much rather design the strength of my backbone into the construction of my life. What backbone does? For me, It makes me focus, energized, creative, tolerant, receptive, sensitive. What I believe is that, the backbone we create as individual, will be the only justification for not winding up in poverty but some see backbone as what?

Backbone is the fall back plan, since government has pushed us to fend for ourselves, it could be negative or positive depending on your inner man but there is nothing pessimistic or neurotic about a backbone. It is the shortest thing in the world, forever keeping the body, mind and soul at check so as to give ones life a better meaning in an chaotic society like ours. 

Backbone, support or plan B as you may wish to call it, is the last thing we all have left to raise our individual hope’s to fight for survival, it’s simply there, I strongly believe in it doggedly because if we fail to survive, then how do we intend to Keep Nigeria Alive? 

Kayode O Fakorode