Survival of the Unfittest

Individuality growth has constituted the dominance of our African periscope, especially-Nigeria which is the most populous black country in the whole world, blessed with fertile lands for agriculture, deposited with natural resources, enriched with human resources that posses high level of untapped intellectual property. The proud green, white and green country has turned into shambles of hustling and bustling for survival 

Though a lot of her citizens do not even know what they’re doing again or where they’re going but for me as a person, i would much rather design the strength of my backbone into the construction of my life. What backbone does? For me, It makes me focus, energized, creative, tolerant, receptive, sensitive. What I believe is that, the backbone we create as individual, will be the only justification for not winding up in poverty but some see backbone as what?

Backbone is the fall back plan, since government has pushed us to fend for ourselves, it could be negative or positive depending on your inner man but there is nothing pessimistic or neurotic about a backbone. It is the shortest thing in the world, forever keeping the body, mind and soul at check so as to give ones life a better meaning in an chaotic society like ours. 

Backbone, support or plan B as you may wish to call it, is the last thing we all have left to raise our individual hope’s to fight for survival, it’s simply there, I strongly believe in it doggedly because if we fail to survive, then how do we intend to Keep Nigeria Alive? 

Kayode O Fakorode


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