As a purposeful person, it’s likely that you want to make the world a better place. And you also likely know that it all starts with you. Your business depends on your ability to transform energy into value which helps make the world a better place.

Now that sounds great, but what isn’t said is that transformation is a continuous, never-ending process of completions in order to have new beginnings. Without completing things (or in the metaphysical sense, the ‘death’ of things), the cycle of life can’t begin (as a new birth, which can mean the next level of life as well as a brand new entity). How you started the year is as a result of your input in the previous year which means preparation or planning as you may call it. The question is “what’s the point of running when you don’t have a direction”. Begin to plan for next year so you can end smiling.

When you unlock your deepest purpose and know why you are living or what you are living for, nothing can stop you from pursuing and living it. Obstacles seem to melt, criticism is irrelevant and you are compelled to move toward living your purpose. Your
life purpose cannot be held back,it’s why you are living and gives meaning and value to what you do. When you know why you’re alive, your life becomes focused and everything gains new clarity.

We are alive by his grace,celebrating in this Christmas season is another opportunity to reflect back and think of a way forward,then start making a plan putting into consideration why you couldn’t meet your target as the year is running out and i believe we can do better in 2013. Together we will KEEP NIGERIA ALIVE.

I want to say a big thank you to all my readers because you’re the family have got,God blessed me with you guys and without you all am nothing. I love you all.


Fakorode O Kayode


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