Recap of Independence

52nd years of long stay of suffering, how many more years do we have to endure with increased unemployment, poverty, corruption, crime, untimely death, Instability of power, in-sensibility of government, bad leaders and many more ugly menace that’s sinking this nation day-in day-out.

We have prayed, fasted, fought, cried and even pleaded but to no avail: All hopes are shattered, even our faith to regain the sovereignty given to us by God is shredded and shrouded. “Omase oh!” It’s a pity to our leaders who makes our great nation belittled and crouching at the front of other nations. For how long do we have to criticize but we will not relent until revolution occurs. After World war I and II, American was enjoying post war era, while the Asia was building on new things and now they are reaping their goodies but Africans were waiting to depend on others. We need to develop the talents within to reduce the rate of migration of youths to a greener pasture

Optimism should be our only watch word,learn more, acquire skills with adequate knowledge, brace up and don’t be deterred by the issues around. You must create your own vision to birth purpose for this nation in order to complete the mission of our noble existence, then we will see changes and force the wicked leaders out of power.

In all submission, what have you contributed to the growth and development of your environment? What wrong have you corrected within yourself? What will you do differently if given the barton of leadership? Or all you have done is to abuse and clamor for change, if it is, then you must make a radical turn and move to regain self freedom before national freedom. To keeping Nigeria Alive and sustenance of African legacy, You must think right,Do things right and Do the right things.


Fakorode O Kayode


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