You can be better!

You can never recover from a good start,starting well and early is the thing I just learned because nobody wants to be a failure but very few people feel like they’re a success. What happens to your set goals,aspirations and dreams. Why allow the instability of government,religious up-rise,crime,environmental milieu and family issues to be your determinant factor to being better and successful instead of you to take advantage of the situation.

I was motivated when I heard few of my laborer’s at a project site had decided they’re going back to school,a good step in 2013 while some others are  looking for the dramatic win, the big accomplishment or the crowning victory but real success is created by an accumulation of successful days and getting better daily.

You can be Better TODAY. You can be successful TODAY and also win. Success truly is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. If you do one thing today to make your life—or someone else’s—better, you win. If you do one thing that moves you closer to your stated goals, you win. String these days together and you’re a success and far better than what you are yesterday.

If you have reading or writing goals, do one write-up or read a book within a set time,weeks or months. If you usually do 30pages per/wk, do 31. Skip chatting online or other minor stuffs to achieve just a little further than normal.

For financial goals, set up an automatic payroll deduction to your retirement account or skip the latter and throw N5000 into a savings jar instead. Do something that adds to your income, more so, spend-less to show in club or If you’re a salesperson, make one more call, write one more thank you note. Or make a list of your ten top prospects and stop being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

The aggregate of these small actions produce successful results which makes you a better you. They may not seem spectacular—and they’re not but spectacular accomplishment is always preceded by less than spectacular preparation and not-so-spectacular action.

Consistency is the root for being better,It’s critical to achieving what you truly want. You can’t change yesterday, and you can’t do anything about tomorrow except you do have a better today. And you can win today and when you take these small actions, be sure to feel good about them. Acknowledge and celebrate them. Don’t minimize or invalidate them because how we feel makes a huge difference in our next  actions. Our feelings attract. Feel good and we attract more good actions and more good feelings. Feel bad and we attract similar feelings and actions.

Choose to be a better you today. Do one thing today that makes you a success. Take some small action toward what you truly want today because if you’re getting better so is Nigeria. 

I congratulate your being better and let us Keep Nigeria Alive.

Fakorode O Kayode