Who’s On Your Team?

Many small businesses—especially solopreneurs—don’t think of themselves as having a team. But they actually do. It might not be the same as a sports team, project team in a larger organization, or a presidential cabinet but you do have a team—at least you should. 

Even household’s has a team. The husband, wife and children are the primary members, but there are others. There’s a team of kitchen workers, garden workers and even your office team. They’re all part of the team, and they make our life and work easier and more effective. 

In your business, you most likely have people to call on for graphic arts and printing. You probably have an accountant and an attorney. Perhaps you even have an Advisory Board and or a Think Tank Team, which I highly recommend. Perhaps you have a virtual assistant and/or an IT person to help you with your computers, phones, printers and software. I hope you also have a personal coach. 

So you see, you really do have a team, even if you never really thought about it in that way. A team is there to support you and your organization in achieving your purpose. Your team allows you to accomplish far more than if you tried to do everything yourself. And a good team is a triple win—a win for you, for them and for those you serve. Trying to do it all on your own is a setup for frustration and likely failure. Doing it alone simply doesn’t allow you to grow very well at all. 

The first step is to identify your team—who are all the players who help get the job done. And then start thinking of them as your team—even if they’re not full time. Nurture them. Thank them. Let them know they are part of your team and that you appreciate their contribution. So who is on your team? 

By the way, who are those on the Presidential team to Keep Nigeria Alive. Undefined team has kept Nigeria circulating over a point with no progress, people with just self interest, I just hope President Goodluck can find a formidable team that has this nation at mind.  

Team means T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore!

Fakorode O Kayode


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