Equity In Vain I

A recall in scenarios as to what democracy practiced in Nigeria looks like is experienced in some recent uprisings. Denial of freedom to anything which is a fundermental human rights is an autonomous way of accepting the fact of equity in vain. Equity in this present day shouldn’t be in vain but it seems it’s the order of the day which means it is out-rightly destroying the “one Nigeria” mantra. The bizarre government strategy to transform the economy is very in-effective. The Jonathan administration is filled with lot of confusion and the most kind of terrorism ever experienced. In the part two of this article I spoke about security where I made comparison as to critics of why the presidency declare State Of Emergency without following the procedural way, well some say it’s due to the circumstance, what about after declaration. Another point is why allowed the elected or appointed political class remain in office? They should have been suspended too, so as not to cause interference in the military assault against BH.

Nonetheless, this article sits on democracy practised in this part of the world where a governor elected in its forum is denied the opportunity to perform his duties. It is no more a rumour that we have two faction in the NGF (Nigerian Governor’s Forum), the one led by Gov Amaechi and that of Gov Jang. The Director General of NGF announced Gov Amaechi the winner of the NGF election with 19 votes and Jang with16 votes, then why not allow peace to reign and allow democracy to take its course but this is a typical example of evil acts in the ruling party. Furthermore, the winning governor won with the support of opposition party which has great effect for 2015 election and it would be cynical of anyone to tell me that the presidency isn’t aware of the development. Reminding you of the events that occurred, don’t forget that the same Amaechi had issue with the President’s wife sometime during a visit of the President’s wife to Rivers state, last month the Rivers state private jet license was seized and now he had been suspended from PDP, for what? I wasn’t surprise the former minister of works Mr Ogunlewe said he deserved worse for confronting the president publicly and we say we’re in a democratic government but an individual can’t talk. And Jang who went ahead to open an office in Abuja despite being the loser isn’t suspended.

I don’t support either of the contestants but why not allow democracy within a small unit; this is just to say we practise “SHADOW DEMOCRACY”, as pushed by the unjust party. “I know say one day, one day e go better”, and Nigeria will sure be alive.


Fakorode O Kayode


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