Equity In Vain II

I personally became a follower of Chinua Achebe’s book title “There was a country”. Seeing from the Christian point of view, signs of the end time at hand but to the political conscious mind, it’s “failure” by the government to tackle security and other threatening issues but rather made equity in vain in the country. The good thing in the 1940’s from history was the peace that reigned when the British colonies held the country down and orderliness of running government but by the time we took over, things fell apart.

Choosing to be a Marxist with an anglophile personality gave me a deep sense of belonging to wanting to better my environment. In retrospect, the insurgence of terrorism began long time ago with fights of metasini, sharia which was a cover operation in the north as a religion formation to strengthen Islamic studies within the northern region which usually results to religion, tribal to ethnic crisis but the government handled it so lightly and friendly. As we all know that Boko Haram had been in existence since 2001, if not earlier but their activities were shadow boxed by the northern leaders. Little knowing that they will share in the pain after financing these black minded youths. Boko Haram did not emerge as MEND but rather as an instrument of political disturbance to dissociate the north-west as part of Nigeria, do not forget this is a sovereign nation, breaking off will be paid for and that brought the SOE (State of Emergency).

The Christians had suffered the greater part of the sorrow pill dropped by BH but the presidency only condemns the act with little or no plan of Action to tackle the ugly menace until the northern originated inhabitants became distressed and SOE was pronounced and declared on Tuesday 14th of May, 2013 by President Goodluck Jonathan in 3 states and the military started their assault against the terrorist sect. Results began with immediate effect but this is a democratic nation, in which due process is an aftermath which will send a wrong signal to the international community. The procedural way of declaring a SOE was duly followed by the presidency at the initial stage but what followed. After the declaration, a national gazette should be sent to the National Assembly which should have been published ahead of the pronunciation but due to the circumstance which is clearly stated in the Nigerian Constitution Section 301, Sub-section 1&2. As at then, the SOE could seize to be in effect in accordance to Section 305, sub-section 6, paragraph B but must people cry or lament before the right things are being done.

In another point of view, couldn’t the president achieve his aim without declaring SOE since the political class still remain in office, In fact, laws can be passed by state house of assembly which could contradict the military laws to fight or these politicians could still assist the sect in kind and movement. Let us not forget the senator Ndume case is still at large. Anyway thank God the national assembly has moved a motion stopping the presidency from using the state fund for the SOE. All political offices in states declared SOE should be suspended so as to allow smooth operation as Complication of Contingency is an emergency which suspends all political rights and to avoid a di-arch government so presidency should always follow the provision of the constitution at all time and swiftly so making equity the best practice to declaration of SOE, more so, the National gazette of the SOE should be published at this point for all Nigerians to understand more, without all this, equity will be in vain and vogue. I indulge that we keep Nigeria alive.

Fakorode O Kayode


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