2013 Budget Benchmark Saga

Nigeria is a beautiful country,in 2014 we will be celebrating 100yrs of amalgamation which we got in 1914. We’re growing gradually,oh! My country with land of milk and honey unused to the benefits of her people, how I wish it’s better than where we are at the moment.

The figures and analysis of the world bank on crude oil seems to justify the benchmark of the National Assembly. The executives are here at it again with their missionary approach in which it’s combining Politics,Economics and Legal or Constitutional aggravating battle bringing about conflicts of interest.

Why do we have to pick a benchmark below as in the case of the executive and a benchmark above as in the case of the national assembly. This brouhaha of budget is now a game by the executive to seek for money usage from the excess crude oil account or other illegal accounts opened by the Federal government as pronounced illegal by the federal high court in 2002.

Now this is the game in play,a lower benchmark will not likely to work due to fluctuation as said by IMF but at the end of the day when the finances to run capital expenditure or re-occurrent expenditure as it may be,will be needed,the executive will now have the direct access to withdraw from this accounts not prescribed by national assembly. National assembly is now saying,good for early budgeting but $75/barrel will be good for us to use,so we can monitor the disbursement of this money rather than $80/barrel which might be excess. A lot of scholars with different opinions but do we realize that after the US elections,the price of crude-oil will drop following the trend of previous elections.

we don’t have control over the illegal accounts or excess crude-oil account,so how do we monitor the spending of the account withdrawals all in the name of unrealistic national development at long run-says the National assembly. Thank God a benchmark of $75/barrel was adopted and the budget was presented by the President G Jonathan and it was accepted by the National Assembly.

SAY NO TO CORRUPTION,so as to Keep Nigeria Alive


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