Recap of Independence

52nd years of long stay of suffering, how many more years do we have to endure with increased unemployment, poverty, corruption, crime, untimely death, Instability of power, in-sensibility of government, bad leaders and many more ugly menace that’s sinking this nation day-in day-out.

We have prayed, fasted, fought, cried and even pleaded but to no avail: All hopes are shattered, even our faith to regain the sovereignty given to us by God is shredded and shrouded. “Omase oh!” It’s a pity to our leaders who makes our great nation belittled and crouching at the front of other nations. For how long do we have to criticize but we will not relent until revolution occurs. After World war I and II, American was enjoying post war era, while the Asia was building on new things and now they are reaping their goodies but Africans were waiting to depend on others. We need to develop the talents within to reduce the rate of migration of youths to a greener pasture

Optimism should be our only watch word,learn more, acquire skills with adequate knowledge, brace up and don’t be deterred by the issues around. You must create your own vision to birth purpose for this nation in order to complete the mission of our noble existence, then we will see changes and force the wicked leaders out of power.

In all submission, what have you contributed to the growth and development of your environment? What wrong have you corrected within yourself? What will you do differently if given the barton of leadership? Or all you have done is to abuse and clamor for change, if it is, then you must make a radical turn and move to regain self freedom before national freedom. To keeping Nigeria Alive and sustenance of African legacy, You must think right,Do things right and Do the right things.


Fakorode O Kayode


2013 Budget Benchmark Saga

Nigeria is a beautiful country,in 2014 we will be celebrating 100yrs of amalgamation which we got in 1914. We’re growing gradually,oh! My country with land of milk and honey unused to the benefits of her people, how I wish it’s better than where we are at the moment.

The figures and analysis of the world bank on crude oil seems to justify the benchmark of the National Assembly. The executives are here at it again with their missionary approach in which it’s combining Politics,Economics and Legal or Constitutional aggravating battle bringing about conflicts of interest.

Why do we have to pick a benchmark below as in the case of the executive and a benchmark above as in the case of the national assembly. This brouhaha of budget is now a game by the executive to seek for money usage from the excess crude oil account or other illegal accounts opened by the Federal government as pronounced illegal by the federal high court in 2002.

Now this is the game in play,a lower benchmark will not likely to work due to fluctuation as said by IMF but at the end of the day when the finances to run capital expenditure or re-occurrent expenditure as it may be,will be needed,the executive will now have the direct access to withdraw from this accounts not prescribed by national assembly. National assembly is now saying,good for early budgeting but $75/barrel will be good for us to use,so we can monitor the disbursement of this money rather than $80/barrel which might be excess. A lot of scholars with different opinions but do we realize that after the US elections,the price of crude-oil will drop following the trend of previous elections.

we don’t have control over the illegal accounts or excess crude-oil account,so how do we monitor the spending of the account withdrawals all in the name of unrealistic national development at long run-says the National assembly. Thank God a benchmark of $75/barrel was adopted and the budget was presented by the President G Jonathan and it was accepted by the National Assembly.

SAY NO TO CORRUPTION,so as to Keep Nigeria Alive

Survival of the Unfittest

Individuality growth has constituted the dominance of our African periscope, especially-Nigeria which is the most populous black country in the whole world, blessed with fertile lands for agriculture, deposited with natural resources, enriched with human resources that posses high level of untapped intellectual property. The proud green, white and green country has turned into shambles of hustling and bustling for survival 

Though a lot of her citizens do not even know what they’re doing again or where they’re going but for me as a person, i would much rather design the strength of my backbone into the construction of my life. What backbone does? For me, It makes me focus, energized, creative, tolerant, receptive, sensitive. What I believe is that, the backbone we create as individual, will be the only justification for not winding up in poverty but some see backbone as what?

Backbone is the fall back plan, since government has pushed us to fend for ourselves, it could be negative or positive depending on your inner man but there is nothing pessimistic or neurotic about a backbone. It is the shortest thing in the world, forever keeping the body, mind and soul at check so as to give ones life a better meaning in an chaotic society like ours. 

Backbone, support or plan B as you may wish to call it, is the last thing we all have left to raise our individual hope’s to fight for survival, it’s simply there, I strongly believe in it doggedly because if we fail to survive, then how do we intend to Keep Nigeria Alive? 

Kayode O Fakorode

Do you consider yourself Lucky or Fortunate?

Quote du Jour 
“ Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure. ” 
—Earl Wilson

Do you consider yourself Lucky or Fortunate? 

A lot of of my folks often said to me that I was lucky. They pointed to my lovely kind of life style, my beautiful relationship and my success in business idea, writing strength, my days as a student activist that how lucky I am. 

In the last few years, I challenged my folks once in a while by saying I considered myself more “fortunate” than lucky. I was fortunate to be born in a free country like Nigeria. I was fortunate to have loving and supportive families. I was fortunate to get a good education and experience good health. And I was fortunate to have been motivated and industrious enough to create the life of my dreams. 

For me, “lucky” just doesn’t quite cover it. The distinction between lucky and fortunate may not be huge, but I think it’s worth thinking about. 

There’s a certain amount of luck—both good and bad—that comes to everyone. There’s chance in everything we do—and don’t do. But I also believe that good fortune favors the fertile, open and expectant mind. At some level we create our lives and what we bring into it—at least most of it. 

I’m exceptionally grateful for the many wonderful things I have in my life. And I believe that if we learn to appreciate more of what we already have in this country, we’ll find ourselves having even more to appreciate. It’s certainly been true for me. So, not all the time must we wait for the Government whom are epileptic in actions and ideas. 

But I still prefer the word fortunate rather than lucky. Lucky sounds like you have no part in it. It’s the luck of the draw, the turn of a card or the random stop of the wheel. Fortunate—at least for me—feels more appreciative as well as more participatory. 

I encourage you to practice gratefulness. And I wish you good fortune. One of the ways to prepare yourself for good fortune is to learn skills and acquire tools to increase your performance and productivity. 

And there’s no better way to Keep Nigeria Alive that I know of than obeying the rule of LOVE, so we can sustain unity in Nigeria.

Fakorode O Kayode

Who’s On Your Team?

Many small businesses—especially solopreneurs—don’t think of themselves as having a team. But they actually do. It might not be the same as a sports team, project team in a larger organization, or a presidential cabinet but you do have a team—at least you should. 

Even household’s has a team. The husband, wife and children are the primary members, but there are others. There’s a team of kitchen workers, garden workers and even your office team. They’re all part of the team, and they make our life and work easier and more effective. 

In your business, you most likely have people to call on for graphic arts and printing. You probably have an accountant and an attorney. Perhaps you even have an Advisory Board and or a Think Tank Team, which I highly recommend. Perhaps you have a virtual assistant and/or an IT person to help you with your computers, phones, printers and software. I hope you also have a personal coach. 

So you see, you really do have a team, even if you never really thought about it in that way. A team is there to support you and your organization in achieving your purpose. Your team allows you to accomplish far more than if you tried to do everything yourself. And a good team is a triple win—a win for you, for them and for those you serve. Trying to do it all on your own is a setup for frustration and likely failure. Doing it alone simply doesn’t allow you to grow very well at all. 

The first step is to identify your team—who are all the players who help get the job done. And then start thinking of them as your team—even if they’re not full time. Nurture them. Thank them. Let them know they are part of your team and that you appreciate their contribution. So who is on your team? 

By the way, who are those on the Presidential team to Keep Nigeria Alive. Undefined team has kept Nigeria circulating over a point with no progress, people with just self interest, I just hope President Goodluck can find a formidable team that has this nation at mind.  

Team means T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore!

Fakorode O Kayode

Prognosis of war

Killing in Nigeria is like drinking of water, I tend to think the more we drink water the more the crisis in Nigeria. For every month, their’s a new developmental killing. Not even of recent that the massacre of mubi killings, the uniport students lynch to death, all in a short period of time, who knows the next point of call. What do we do?

Justice must prevail, all this ill fated issues are linked to cultism but no one sees the trend as a failure of government and leadership paralysis. Everyday, we live in abject fear after being improvisioned with poverty and yet we’ll keep folding our hands, for how long?

The report by the American’s that by 2015, their’s a high tendency that Nigeria will go their separate ways, what I see in prediction by this mockery people is “WAR”. The resultant effect could be devastating, look at the African countries that had gone through that process, they can’t stand any longer. Have you taught about throwing the children into what happened in Liberia, where RUF rebels uses children to fight, can we bear the fact that women will be raped and molested, we should think straight, in fact, some of our parents are suffering from the little war we had till date by disenfranchising them from their families, businesses, education and lots more. The Yoruba tribe has indicated their pursue for peace as the only legacy of Pa Awolowo, the northerners has clearly shown what they wanted and the Igbo’s are always waiting for the slightest opportunity to take the Biafra flag up.

I love my brothers from all part of Nigeria but will separation sue for peace, I am from the school of taught which loves Nigeria being together, her colors and symbols but once we go our separate ways, then, our dreams are no longer united.

Justice must take it’s course, all the crime perpetrators must be brought to book, if not the Nigeria youths will take to the streets for revolution. Keep Nigeria Alive. 


Fakorode O Kayode

Could Prof Achebe be going Senile?


Nothing remains permanent in life,as change is the only constant thing,no little wonder this can be associated with the renowned Prof Chinua Achebe being Senile as described by a fourth republic senator. Senator Okurounmu. Achebe know’s too much about the Biafra war but certainly not to the real intent of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s role as a commissioner. 

Awolowo was supplying the civilian’s behind war line with aids but it was being hijacked by the rebels of Ojukwu and thereby having more strength to fight the government,in which Awolowo was loyal to. As a strategist he took a step to cut the supplies but not with the intention of extinction of the Igbo people as claimed by Achebe but to stop the rebel forces.
Awolowo also took a step to change the currency so as to stop Ojukwu from purchasing more ammunition to continue the war,because the information got to Awolowo after Ojokwu robbed the central bank branches in Ph,Calabar and others in the south south region,also not with an intention for extinction of a tribe.
All Igbo people retain their properties,belongings in south west but if Awolowo was to be what Achebe called him to be then he wouldn’t return this things back to the owners,even up to their rents collected from their tenants, so as it is in the Act of War,that all weapons of war are equal,more so,Awolowo returned some certain amounts to the easterners on monthly basis close to a million pounds,so let’s imbibe in peace and let Awolowo rest in peace and let us the living concentrate more to the developmental issues facing Nigeria.
Could Achebe really be going Senile,prof should maintain his ovation at peak than a retrogressive ending… That wouldn’t be too good for future history and references.
Fakorode O Kayode