Prognosis of war

Killing in Nigeria is like drinking of water, I tend to think the more we drink water the more the crisis in Nigeria. For every month, their’s a new developmental killing. Not even of recent that the massacre of mubi killings, the uniport students lynch to death, all in a short period of time, who knows the next point of call. What do we do?

Justice must prevail, all this ill fated issues are linked to cultism but no one sees the trend as a failure of government and leadership paralysis. Everyday, we live in abject fear after being improvisioned with poverty and yet we’ll keep folding our hands, for how long?

The report by the American’s that by 2015, their’s a high tendency that Nigeria will go their separate ways, what I see in prediction by this mockery people is “WAR”. The resultant effect could be devastating, look at the African countries that had gone through that process, they can’t stand any longer. Have you taught about throwing the children into what happened in Liberia, where RUF rebels uses children to fight, can we bear the fact that women will be raped and molested, we should think straight, in fact, some of our parents are suffering from the little war we had till date by disenfranchising them from their families, businesses, education and lots more. The Yoruba tribe has indicated their pursue for peace as the only legacy of Pa Awolowo, the northerners has clearly shown what they wanted and the Igbo’s are always waiting for the slightest opportunity to take the Biafra flag up.

I love my brothers from all part of Nigeria but will separation sue for peace, I am from the school of taught which loves Nigeria being together, her colors and symbols but once we go our separate ways, then, our dreams are no longer united.

Justice must take it’s course, all the crime perpetrators must be brought to book, if not the Nigeria youths will take to the streets for revolution. Keep Nigeria Alive. 


Fakorode O Kayode


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