Could Prof Achebe be going Senile?


Nothing remains permanent in life,as change is the only constant thing,no little wonder this can be associated with the renowned Prof Chinua Achebe being Senile as described by a fourth republic senator. Senator Okurounmu. Achebe know’s too much about the Biafra war but certainly not to the real intent of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s role as a commissioner. 

Awolowo was supplying the civilian’s behind war line with aids but it was being hijacked by the rebels of Ojukwu and thereby having more strength to fight the government,in which Awolowo was loyal to. As a strategist he took a step to cut the supplies but not with the intention of extinction of the Igbo people as claimed by Achebe but to stop the rebel forces.
Awolowo also took a step to change the currency so as to stop Ojukwu from purchasing more ammunition to continue the war,because the information got to Awolowo after Ojokwu robbed the central bank branches in Ph,Calabar and others in the south south region,also not with an intention for extinction of a tribe.
All Igbo people retain their properties,belongings in south west but if Awolowo was to be what Achebe called him to be then he wouldn’t return this things back to the owners,even up to their rents collected from their tenants, so as it is in the Act of War,that all weapons of war are equal,more so,Awolowo returned some certain amounts to the easterners on monthly basis close to a million pounds,so let’s imbibe in peace and let Awolowo rest in peace and let us the living concentrate more to the developmental issues facing Nigeria.
Could Achebe really be going Senile,prof should maintain his ovation at peak than a retrogressive ending… That wouldn’t be too good for future history and references.
Fakorode O Kayode

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